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Dare To Be Your Own Boss:
Follow Your Passion, Create a Niche
Copyright 2016 Maya Sullivan, LLC All rights reserved
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How often have you thought about Being Your Own Boss

It begins with a dream and then by taking small steps you can make it

You can enhance the probability for success by taking time to navigate
the early stages of starting a business.

Many eagerly launch an enterprise before giving enough thought to the
exploration, research and planning processes.

There are six stages to the pre-startup process:

Step One involves using 14 keys to discover what ignites your
enthusiasm and passion.

Step Two encompasses exploring areas where there are needs or a
demand for products and services.

Step Three is matchmaking. It involves combining passion and
opportunities to identify ideas that resonate and are a good fit.

Step Four focuses on researching the viability of your choices. It entails
looking at trends and kinds of businesses that could do well—even in
weak economies—for well-managed enterprises.

Step Five is about identifying the type of people you feel impassioned to
serve and creating a niche.

Step Six is about moving forward and taking 50 action steps to make it

Dare To Be Your Own Boss will help you travel the road to
becoming an entrepreneur.

You will explore:

>6 Benefits and 6 Drawbacks of BYOB

>10 Entrepreneurial Traits for Success

>14 Keys to Discover What Ignites Your Vocational Passion

>12 Major Industries and Trends

>Over 600 business opportunities
>How  to Create a Special Niche

>Market Research using 16 Sources and 21 Questions

>Decide the Best Time for You to BYOB

>50 Action Steps to Starting Your Business

>Over 300 Resources to Develop and Launch Your Enterprise

The book will encourage you to follow your heart and make a
difference in your own unique way.

Available in trade paperback and eBooks.

Date of publication: March 26, 2015,

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9907542-0-6
Kindle ISBN: 978-0-9907542-2-0
eBook ISBN: 978-0-9907542-1-3

Trade paperback: 344 pages  Includes index and bibliography, $22.99

Kindle and eBooks $12.99 bibliography


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